Personal and Wellness Services

Food Services

U of T Mississauga offers a variety of food outlets and dining halls for students. Choices also include a market-style cafeteria at Davis Building, pub-grub in the Blind Duck or fast food at venues across campus.

Non-resident students can take advantage of the Campus Value Plans which offer a flexible way of saving 5% on all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases across campus.

Students on residence also have meal plan options that are economical, flexible and convienient.

More information: Food Services

Health, Wellness, Athletics & Counselling Services

Students have access to a full range of physical and mental health services right on campus with nurses, physicians and personal counsellors, that offer the same high quality of care as your off campus family doctor or community health clinic. Health education programs and consultations are available, and the student health and dental plan covers many prescription costs and dental visits.

U of T Mississauga's award-winning Recreation, Athletics & Wellness (RAWC), is a comprehensive fitness and health facility. It features a 25-metre swimming pool, double gymnasium, cardio and strength training equipment areas, an indoor running track overlooking the facility, intramural and competitive sports teams, and a sports medicine clinic.

With a valid TCard, students can access all these great facilities and services.

Disability & Equity Services

U of T Mississauga prides itself in creating a supportive, respectful, accessible and welcoming environment for all persons. The campus operates the AccessAbility Resource Centre, to assist and support individuals with physical, mental health, sensory and learning disabilities.

A professional staff offers adaptive testing support and referral services to interpreters, technological aids, readers and note-takers. Interested prospective students should contact this service early within the application process for a needs assessment, at 905-569-4699 (voice or TDD/TTY).

The campus also has a Diversity, Equity & Leadership Office. The primary goal of this office is to help develop a more inclusive community, and to ensure that all students (regardless of race, gender, orientation or ability) have access to the support and resources needed to become leaders.

U of T Mississauga also participates in the "Positive Space" campaign, which is designed to increase awareness of sexual diversity within the community and to create a campus free of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender.

Click here to learn more about tri-campus equity services and programs, such as the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity (ARCD) office, the status of women, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered & Queer (LGBQ) resources and programs.

Family Care

U of T Mississauga offers a great support system for students with families, such as health insurance, child care resources and services, maternity leave eligibility, personal and family counselling and family housing.

An on-campus, licensed child care centre is available for students. More information can be found here.

Multifaith Programs

U of T Mississauga provides an environment in which your faith traditions are accomodated and respected.

Students can read the University's policy on the accomodation of religious observances and learn about Multi-Faith Spaces at U of T.

Campus Safety

U of T Mississauga has many policies, services and resources to ensure that students are safe on campus. Campus Police is made up of a team of dedicated and trained individual, who are sworn in as special constables by Peel Region Police and are on duty 24/7.

The campus also offers the WalkSafer program, which is a security escort service for the U of T Mississauga community who prefer not to walk alone on campus after dark.